Another objective of our association is to promote and recognize the rich culture of Mali and Africa, bringing it closer to the culture of catalan.

Our work is inspired through values such as equality, interculturality, diversity, full integration and plurality, and we work through networks and connections to other institutions and entities that work towards the same objectives. We consider it essential to raise awareness to transform the biased views towards migratory processes. We want to advance towards social cohesion and contribute in that way to the riches that the migratory phenomenon brings to the welcoming society.

Sensitivity and Training Activities of House of Mali:

Training Workshops:

  • Integration workshops for the regularization of the foreigner population (Model C of the welcome certificate), this way we make sure to have training workshops to have access to employment and we derive them to entities that specialize in programs for laboral integration.
  • Sensitivity activities to combat stereotypes , following the Plan of Action of the BCN Anti-rumors Network, we create spaces of inclusive dialogue to generate a positive social consciousness regarding the migrant community.
  • Storytelling workshops where through legends and stories regarding Mali and African culture, their traditions and wisdom is passed down to young children. The stories stimulate the imagination and heighten a profound reality in relation to nature and humans.
  • Music workshops that provide us with more knowledge regarding the instruments used in Mali such as the kora, the n’goni or those used throughout Africa like the djembe, the marimba, the balafon, among others. In the workshops, participants can play, dance and learn about the rituals and events that occur in the African continent. With its universal language, language reinforces tolerance and a very necessary brotherhood to alleviate the stress of our societies because it stimulates, relaxes and helps diverse neurological processes like attention, memory and concentration.
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Activities and Events:

  • Concerts: we have organized various concerts with musicians of different origins and, above all, Malian residents in Cataluña.
  • Film festivals: of Malian directors, films about Mali or topics that affect the country. The films have been displayed in FICAB (International Festival of African Cinema of Barcelona or The Africa and Women Festival) festivals or in civic centers (the Sedeta, the Barceloneta, the lemon patio, among others).
  • Debates and talks, sharing of testimonies and sociological reflections around reflections like the social construction of gender concept and culture, analysis of fundamental rights or concerns regarding the reality that we live in or cultural themes. We also work with a focus on gender to promote equality and respect of different cultures.
  • FITUR: In January 2013 we organized FITUR as petitioned by the Office of Tourism of Mali (OMATHO). The Mali stand reflected their art and culture with the presence of the artisan products and videos regarding the tourist zones of the country. House of Mali was responsible for the management of the relations with the Spanish Communication Medias to exploit all the communication possibilities. We were in contact with the media and press service of FITUR.
  • Celebration of two fairs regarding the culture and artistry of Mali. Mali is present in the historic, administrative and economic capital of Cataluña, during the 1st edition of the artistry and tourism from Mali in Spain Festival, celebrating from the 15 to the 21 of June 2009 in the Palau Robert Courtyard in Barcelona.

Artistry and culture fair in Palau Robert


The majority of these events occurred in Barcelona, since it is a city that welcomes and encounters many different cultures from around the world.

Reproduction of the movie "Black Diamonds" and interview with the director in Universitat de Barcelona-Facultat de Dret2.

Reproduction of the movie "Black Diamonds" and interview with the director in the Universitat Ramon Llull -Blanquerna - Facultat de Comunicació i Relacions Internacionals.

Program of the 3rd Cultural week in Universitat de Barcelona (UB)- Facultat de Dret